Style Ideas: What’s The Difference?
What the heck is the difference between Glacier Blue Heather and Glacier Blue Prism?
Believe it or not, this a common question asked. And it’s a good question because, if I didn’t know any better, I’d ask the same thing.
 So here’s the deal: Glacier Blue Heather falls somewhere on the color wheel between powder blue and sky blue. It’s a color that’s always been well received, and is popular in all seasons. It’s bright; it’s solid in color; and, it’s very, very soft.
 For some people, this color looks amazing on them, working really well with their skin tone. For others, though, this color can leave them feeling washed out, and even a little pasty – which leads us into Glacier Blue Prism.
Glacier Blue Prism has more depth in color than Glacier Blue Heather. Its gray heather undertone beneath the light blue brings out a masculine vibe to the otherwise light hearted Glacier Blue Heather.
For those that have found the Glacier Blue Heather leaves them washed out, or the dreaded pasty, then the Glacier Blue Prism tees are worth a try! The gray undertones can help warm up your skin tone, giving you the best of both the worlds of blues.   


The above pictures (left to right) is Milligan tee in Glacier Blue Heather and Pierview tee in Glacier Blue Prism.

May 05, 2021 — Jessica A