Upcycled with Vivix 659
Fabric house

 Upcycle: Reused (of discarded objects or materials) in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original.

With every new season comes a new line of clothing. Many decisions are made with each new season. For example, we evaluate what new styles should be added to the incoming line; what styles and designs should be discontinued moving forward; and, what styles and designs should be expanded on with new colors. After all of these tough, and often time-consuming decisions are settled, we schedule trips to our various fabric houses.

To us, this is when the real fun begins! But as much fun as it is to go to the place that makes or houses beautiful fabrics, it is also very over whelming. When we’re at the fabric house, we look through hundreds of swatches of fabrics – from jersey and ribbing, to flannel and french terry - to find the ones that are living in our imaginations. Sometimes those imaginary fabrics are easy to find, and we go to production on them. Other times, they are impossible to find. In instances such as these, we design and produce the imagined fabrics to create the perfect, one of a kind Vivix 659 piece. And, other times still, the perfect raw fabric is just sitting at the fabric house forgotten, just waiting for us to come and swoop it up – rescuing it to our warehouse to make something beautiful with it.

Fabric rolls

 In cases like these, it is necessary to understand the importance of this aspect of what we do here at Vivix 659. We are not simply “buying” fabric to make a top or bottom with. We are, in fact, purchasing raw materials that were otherwise discarded, abandoned and deemed useless to the point that they would (more likely than not) be thrown away, only to end up in a landfill. Here at Vivix 659, we have saved thousands of yards of various fabrics from polluting the Earth by keeping it out of our landfills and finding the beauty and optimization of small batch production.  

In essence, our American made styles, more often than not, are produced in fabric that has been upcylced into a garment that are both interesting and unexpected. Unique, in every sense of the word. 

Fabric Rolls

Go you, Earth 🌎 Child!

January 01, 2024 — Molly Ashworth