Style Ideas: Transitioning Into Spring
Today, we’re pairing two brand new styles from our Spring 2021 Collection:
            Baxter tee in heather slate
            Wenham Corduroy Walk short in stone
 The last week has been, for the most part, perfect weather. Our California mornings have been cool, and our afternoons warm, hitting temperatures in the low 80s.
Our perfect weather has us excited to be styling our new digs.
To start, the Baxter tee is a great layering piece. Pair this tee with your favorite over shirt or cardigan, and you’re good to go for that cool morning. Just make sure you’re not buttoning up your top layer - you want that Baxter design peaking through. Then, when the warm afternoon hits, ditch the top layer, and wear this tee like the boss we all know you are.
Made from high quality, 8 ounce corduroy, our Wehnham short has some weight to it. This dense fabric helps take the edge off in the mornings, but is comfortable enough to keep you jamming through your afternoon. Constructed to make you look awesome, these Wenham shorts are tailored just enough to keep you sharp, and comfortable, at the same time.
 Finally, finish this combination off with a pair of your favorite tennis shoes, or like we did, with a pair of your favorite Birkenstocks.
 However you play it, or wear it, you’re going to look Vivix cool - literally and figuratively.
April 17, 2021 — Jessica A