At Vivix 659, we are proud to offer American Made cut and sew pieces. With superior construction and quality control standards, we choose to produce our cut and sew segment in America for the quality, the freedom, and the pride.  

When you buy American Made, you’re supporting American jobs, the American economy and you will be recieving a product made with unparalleled American craftsmanship. 

Every Vivix 659 cut and sew item is guaranteed to be manufactured in the USA, with their orgins traceable to various Southern California production houses. 

If you’re looking for American Made, hand drawn tee shirts, we have you covered there, too! Because of the unique and varied colors we offer on our hand drawn tee shirts, we cannot guarantee that all tee shirts come from a USA factory. However, we can guarantee specific colors! So, if you’re looking for a guarenteed USA Made tee shirt, email Molly at to start the conversation.  

Interested in more details about a specific item? Or do you have any other questions we can answer? Let us know! You can email Molly directly at