R-  E - S  - P - E - C - T spells… Steve…?

Years ago, we created Steve – our signature shark design with the slogan on the bottom that read: I’m not all bad.

Poor Steve – he was a gruesome looking shark that was simply misunderstood.

This was back in 2010. And in the near decade and a half since Steve’s inception, he’s been featured on men’s and women’s tee shirts, unisex fleece hooded sweaters, and foam mesh caps. But, we will admit, that the size of graphics back in the 2010s are a lot larger than what’s in style in the 2020s. Fashions change, what’s popular changes and most importantly, what’s wanted changes.

So, instead of getting rid of Steve because he was too large to be in charge anymore, we decided to keep him… but make him a smaller version of himself.

And so entered Respect. This design is small, sweet and easy to wear with Steve scaled down to fit as a small chest hit on the left breast, instead of across the whole chest. This updated version of Steve demands the respect that sharks are due – to Respect the Locals and remember that our playground is their home.

What makes this design even more special is… well… it’s famous. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, or have seen The Terminal List in its entirety, then you saw Taylor Kitsch in the last few episodes of Season 1 wearing a navy blue mesh hat with a shark on it.

You guessed it – Taylor Kitsch (Ben Edwards on the show) was in fact wearing the Vivix 659 Respect mesh cap – reminding everyone to Respect the Locals.
March 25, 2024 — Molly Ashworth