I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a favorite Vivix 659 piece. The Bayside short sleeve henley is one of those pieces. 

This American made henley is everything a high quality basic should be. And when I say basic, I say it strictly because of its handsome simplicity. In reality, the Bayside is as un-basic as any piece of clothing could be. 

For example, the Bayside henley is constructed from 100% organic Supima cotton, PFD (prepare for dye). Ok, that all sounds great - but what does it really mean… especially PFD?

Fit’s, organic: Everyone knows what organic means, especially when it comes to things in the grocery store like apples and bananas. In the case of clothing, organic means that the cotton used for this piece, is in fact, made with organic cotton. Why is this important for clothing? Well, using organic cotton cuts down on the use of chemicals that are harmful to both the soil and the workers harvesting the soil. On top of that, organic cotton produces lower carbon, along with lower fuel usage and less energy consumption. Win win

Second, supima cotton: Supima cotton is a truly superior cotton. This is for many reasons. This fibers on this type of cotton are extra long. The unique features of supima cotton are: it’s softness, strength, and even it’s color retention. Some of the other features of these longer fibers is its resistance to piling, tearing, and overall breaking down. So, it stands to reason that supima cotton is twice as strong as regular old cotton. 

Third, PFD: Keeping on with the health of the planet, the color of the Bayside is it in it’s natural state. There are no colors, dyes or washes added to give the Bayside this unique bone color. When you look at the Bayside, you’re seeing it in its “natural state”… color wise. That means no dyes, no wasted water or energy making this top appear as something other than the natural beauty that it is. To me, the color of the Bayside is one of the most intriguing things about it. The striking color allows for the piece to layer well under a Vivix 659 American Made long sleeve button up, as a stand alone piece with a pair of Vivix 659 shorts, or with a pair of dark denim you already have in your closet. 

Oh, and did we mention that the Bayside is 100%, from start to finish, produced, designed and manufactured in America? That’s right - the fabric is knitted in Los Angeles, sewn in Santa Ana and designed in Southern California by your Vivix 659 team!

Do you see now why the Bayside is a Vivix 659 favorite? Click here to shop the Bayside today and let it transform your wardrobe to be as environmentally friendly as it is!  

April 01, 2024 — Molly Ashworth