Hawaii, 1990

In light of the First Day of Spring being tomorrow, we’re rewinding time and going back to spring of 1990. In 1990, our parents were the owners of a masonry yard where they sold building material (I was 5 at this point in time, so the exact inventory is a little foggy for me). What’s not foggy is the pure joy we had as kids running around the multi-acre property and being “the owners’ kids”.

Because the “yard” sold so much product from a particular stone company, our parents were gifted a trip to Hawaii for our whole family. In April of 1990, we all boarded an American Airlines plane and flew direct to Maui. When we arrived, we showed up fresh from California with plans to soak up the sun and the Hawaiian adventures.

This picture shows your Vivix 659 team as little people: April 1990. From left to right: Jessica (age 8), Molly (age 5), Josh (age 11). We were posed by our mom in front of a magnificent waterfall that was the epitome of what we had in our head as a tropical paradise. And it was. What a beautiful place.

What you don’t see from this picture is that this day was the only non-raining day of the whole 7 days we were there. Understand – this storm was the worst rainstorm in a century! 6 days. Rain, rain and more rain. This rain was so bad that the water slide and pool were shut down. For 6 days. Nonetheless, this picture is one of my favorites. It shows the close relationship between my brother, sister and myself. Our whole lives, we’ve been 3 peas in a pod, always there for each other and ready to start new adventures together. And with Vivix 659, we’re there for you to help you grow in your adventures and Wear the Life You Love.
March 18, 2024 — Molly Ashworth