The Story Behind Riggs and Lomax

When I was in college, my family lived next to a golf course. I was intrigued with everything that went on at the course: the freshly cut grass; the skill and dedication it took for a golfer to be the best they could be; the inner workings of the grounds, carts and the course as a whole. I was so interested, in fact, that the summer of my sophomore year, I got a job working there with my two best friends. It was a great job, and I loved every minute working alongside my closest friends in the cart corral. But, when I went back to school in the fall, I had to say goodbye to the course. Even though we never worked another summer together there, the course has always stuck with me.

When we introduced our Vivix 659 golfing segment, I drew inspiration not only from my current love of spending early mornings on the course; but, also from that summer in college. As a couple of kids working in the cart corral, it was a no brainer that Vivix 659’s first design should be a golf cart: the design you know to be Riggs. I’m not lying when I say the Riggs is my favorite golf design. Is it because it’s more detailed or better looking than our other golf inspired designs? No, it’s not. But it carries a nostalgia for me that few other designs can.

Since Riggs tee shirt was first introduced, we’ve expanded our golf cart offerings. If a large, front print of a golf cart is not your style, then the Lomax would be perfect for you! Very similar to the Riggs, the Lomax is a small golf cart rendition on the left chest that offers a playful representation of your favorite pastime. And if you’re looking for something to add to your car, laptop, or reusable water container, or even to give as a fun little gift, the Riggs sticker is a perfect addition to any golfers’ collection.

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Every time I see a customer pick Riggs or Lomax tee shirts for their own collection, I smile at the memories of that summer on the golf course with my two best friends, smell that sweet grass at the cart corral and fall even more in love with the game of golf.
March 12, 2024 — Josher A