Why every guy should have a gray t shirt in their closet
When I used to think of the color gray, I would think: dreary, rainy day, depressing, boring.
For most of us, our staple colors are white and black - always dependable, safe and easy to wear.
But, what about those days when you want to mix things up? Not go for that predictable white or black tee?  If you’re going for either of those basic colors, you’re not going to want to stray too far from that color palate
So, let’s take gray into consideration
Did you know that the color gray can give the impression of being successful, practical, timeless and even stable?
But now, gray gets even more interesting. Gray comes in many different shades.
Here at Vivix, we offer at least 4 different shades of gray in our tees: Heather Ash, Heather Gray, Dark Heather Gray, and Heather Asphalt.
Want to keep things more casual? Go for Heather Ash or Heather Gray, giving you a lighter, more causal air. Need to keep things more serious? Go for Dark Heather Gray or Heather Asphalt.
So, the next time you reach for that predictable white or black color, take a second to consider that gray tee, too. It will add a twist when white gets boring, and lighten things up when black is too heavy. 
August 21, 2018 — Jessica A