April Travels

When we go to Florida, it's always an adventure...

From the airport (Orlando and Fort Lauderdale are both really nice), to the tropical feel of the state, it's as if you're in Hawaii without flying over an ocean; at least that's true when you're flying from California - which we are.

If you've never been to Florida, there's a lot to see there. Here are a few of our favorite places.  


Now, we've driven the whole state, top to bottom, and there are some places that we like more than others. For starters, Orlando has the whole Disney World vibe, which gives it instant cool points. So we like Orlando. Plus, it's family and resort style friendly, so you can literally stay in one place.

Saint Augustine

Back in the day, we were big Ghost Hunter Fans. Ya, we know - it was all probably staged and fake, but we had a good time watching it. We grew up in a haunted house, but that's a story for another time... Wednesday nights were great for take out Mexican food, Jason and Grant and ghosts. One of our favorite episodes was of the haunted Saint Augustine Lighthouse. It was a cool episode and the lighthouse seemed to have a lot of history. So when we drove by it and saw it in real life, it become one of those places we put on our list of places to visit in Florida. We think it would be a place you would like.


Overall, Sarasota was our favorite place to go. The town was unique, the architecture was historical and the people were fun and different. There was a whole Amish part of town with tasty pastries and foods different to anything we're used to.

Out in CA, we're experts in burritos, tacos, beans, rice, Del Taco and In and Out. So all these different cultures was cool to be a part of.

Now, if we had a choice, we would stay at the Ritz Carlton, Sarasota. If we stayed there during the middle of July, a room would run you around $700.00. We would be down for that, any day. We're ready to go! How about you?

Join us next month when we go north to see what Maine has to offer. See you then!

April 03, 2018 — Karly W