It's The Little Things That Make A Big Difference

Every piece of Vivix clothing is like a little person. 

It comes with its own name, its own colors, its own identity. 

But one thing that every piece of Vivix 659 clothing has in common is the attention to detail that makes it stand out. 

We've talked about the quality of our fabrics; we've talked about our customer service; we've talked about being American made. 

So what are the little things that make the big difference? 

Let's start with a button. 

It's a simple and necessary item. 

Yet, each piece of Vivix 659 clothing comes standard with custom Vivix 659 Brand buttons handpicked and hand matched to each unique piece of Vivix.

We take care of the little things so you can focus on the big things. 

And those make the biggest difference. 

March 09, 2015 — Vivix V. Vivix

Wear It Like You Mean It

Everyone has their own sense of style.

One thing we believe in at Vivix is to wear whatever style you have, and wear it like you mean it.

We have chosen our brand's style to be tailored fit, well rounded, and to help you look your best.

So wear whatever feels right. Just be sure to wear it like you mean it. 

Brennan Knit Cord    

March 03, 2015 — Vivix V. Vivix