Plum Island, Massachusetts

Even though we were born in Southern California, New England has been in our blood since we took our first breath. Our mom and her whole family are from Newburyport, MA. Back in the early 1950s, they moved from the east coast to the west coast - to sunny Southern California. And what a difference those two places are. East coast, west coast. Tupac and Biggie. Hot and seasonal. 

To us, we have always loved both coasts. California is home, but Massachusetts is a blood line. Can two different states on both sides of the country be home to someone at the same time? Well, for us, yes, they can. 

This wood shingled home was our maternal grandparents summer cottage. Originally hailing from this small New England area, our nana and papa spent 6 months of their year at this quaint, marsh front cottage; and, the other 6 months of their year at their “home” in California. During the summers, we would road trip to this house and spend time as a family. During this time, we would visit historical places in Boston; our extended family in Seabrook, NH and their world famous lobster pound;

see our aunt at the Newburyport Building Department and look at photos of our great great (great…?) uncle who passed away in France in WW1;

and, go to every hotel that had a swimming pool along the way. Holidomes, anyone? 

If you’ve never been to, or heard of, a Holidome, google it and know that we feel pity for you that you never experienced the pure and utter joy of one. 

As we reminisce on Plum Island (and can we just take a minute to admire the greatness of our grandparent’s blue Suburban with pinstripes?), we think about the various artworks that have been inspired by our time spent there. Here are a few examples of Vivix 659 designs that were created from our childhood vacations spent at Plum Island, MA. 

Take a look through to pick your favorites and take a little piece of Massachusetts with you wherever you go! 






April 22, 2024 — Molly Ashworth