When it comes to shorts, we like to have a variety of options to choose from. Sometimes we like to lounge, sometimes we like to have a more structured bottom, and sometimes we like to be unique and stand out. 

And when that’s the case, we turn to the Johnsbury Short. It is the trifecta of bottoms: 1. It’s unique and has a dressy feel. 2. It is soft and comfortable even though it’s gingham check pattern feels more sophisticated. 3. It’s American Made and crafted from Organic fibers so we feel good wearing it, and feel good about wearing it. Win, win, win 🏆

With a 6.5” inseam, the Johnsbury has two front welt pockets and one reverse back pocket to hold everything you would need when you’re out and about. 

Finally, let’s not forget that the Johnsbury is a part of our elastic waist shorts collection, so you are all but guaranteed a comfortable fit in your waist no matter what!

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April 29, 2024 — Molly Ashworth