Go Outside
One of the cool things about being a sales rep is the need to travel. Now, not every state and city we travel to is equal to another. Last week, for instance, we we were working in Washington and Oregon. One of our stops was Bend, OR.
Along our drive into the city, we stopped at a turnout to admire our surroundings. That's where I shot this picture. Not only is this picture really cool, but so is the city. Bend is pretty awesome. The surroundings are great, the food was good - it was just an all around fun time. We had so much fun working in the area, and hanging out. And when you hang out, you learn things, like there are only 4 cities in the United States to have a volcano within it's city limits. And, Bend is one of them. Pretty interesting! 
Long story short, if you haven't been to Bend, OR, you should go. All of us over here at Vivix agree you should. 
August 31, 2017 — Jessica A