When you’re buying new clothes, no matter how many times you’re planning on wearing them, you want them to be durable and long lasting: a quality product. No one wants to get a new shirt or pair of shorts only to wash it a time or two and have it fall apart. That’s just depressing, and kind of seems like you're being taken advantage of.

That’s not to say that flukes don't happen. Every now and again, you're going to run into something that just doesn't work right, or doesn't stand up to you or the test of time. 

But that’s where Vivix 659 is different.

Not only do we test every piece of clothing we offer, we wear our clothes on a day to day basis. We are wearing, washing, destroying, and loving each piece of Vivix 659 clothing right along with you.

Take the shorts in the picture below. The shorts on the right have been worn, washed, worn again, and washed again and again (about 200 times) since our founder started wearing them. And for the last 3 years, he has broken them in and worn them to the point they are today.

durability 1

Now, sure there’s a tear in the pocket area from when he snagged it on a rack at our warehouse, and there appears to be a coffee stain near the bottom hem (probably from that fourth cup of coffee…). But, overall, the short is in one piece, and looks pretty good considering the abuse they have been put through.

We make products that stand up to you and the elements.

At Vivix, it's our goal to produce not only good looking clothing, but products that stand the test of time. We have spent thousands of hours searching for the best fabric suppliers, cutters, sewers, printers and embroiderers to bring you the highest quality products we can make.

It's because of this process that we can guarantee and stand behind each and everyone one of our products.  If you ever have a problem with a Vivix piece, simply contact us and we will resolve it ASAP. We believe in our products that much!

So, why not give Vivix 659 a try?

Let us prove it to you!

 - If you have any questions, give us a shout info@vivix659.com