When we talk to new people and we tell them we have a clothing company, it surprises a lot of them. Sometimes they find it hard to understand what we do, but they can appreciate that we're living our dream. 

Now, when we tell them we're a family run clothing company, we get even more varied responses. The most common is, "Oh, that's so nice"!  But from others (and we talk to a lot of people), we get a smile, an eye brow raise and a look that says "I couldn't imagine working with my brother or sister..."

And we get it. Family is hard. But, in our opinion, there are not many things better than family. Family is everything, and without those shoulders standing strong next to you, the bumps in the road are a lot more bumpy. And boy can it get bumpy

Growing up, we would argue and bicker. But more often than that, we would laugh and play and skate and swim and spend time together watching Baywatch, Duck Tales, and Hocus Pocus. And honestly, not a lot has changed. 

When we come into work everyday, most days are filled with laughter, honest talks and a lot of work. But yes, some days are filled with hurt feelings, tears, and shouting because sometimes, the "calm voice" just isn't getting the point across. And don't get us started on the mimicking of each other...

All that said, when we say family run, we literally mean it. Our mom and dad are with us everyday. Molly's boyfriend, Bryan, is present and accounted for. Our poodle, Ruby Sue, is on site biting and playing and being a puppy. 

The long of the short of Vivix 659 is, we're about the longevity of the clothing we produce, of the relationships we make and build along the way, and of the importance of family. These days, our family isn't just our parents, siblings, sibling's significant others, and friends. Our family now includes our employees, interns, our retailers, and our customers. We would love to talk to you, learn about you and get your thoughts. 

Below is our contact information. Shoot us a line sometime, let's start a conversation. We would love to get to know you and personally welcome you to the Vivix 659 family. 


Founder - Joshua Ashworth : josher@vivix659.com

Sales Director - Jessica Ashworth : Jessica@vivix659.com

Marketing - Molly Ashworth : molly@vivix659.com

Production - Jeani Ashworth : jeani@vivix659.com

All other questions / Ray Ashworth or Ruby Sue : info@vivix659.com