Attention to detail - t-shirt 

At Vivix 659, we take great care to offer the highest quality garments and accessories. Attention to Detail is very important to us.

Every time you get dressed, we think there should be something special about what you put on. 

To us, Attention to Detail goes beyond the garment itself. 

Here are some of the details we like about us:

- We think every day is special, and everyday you get dressed you should feel special in your clothes. 

- All our cut and sew is Made in America.

- The quality of our stitch makes for American made pride and durability. 

- Every button we use, from walk shorts to button ups, come with custom Vivix 659 brand buttons. 

- We strive to offer stellar, unbeatable customer service. It's important to us that our customers are happy. 

- We stand behind our product 100%. 

- We offer personalized, hand wrapped packaging on all web orders. 

- We appreciate your business, and, more importantly, your support.  

 Let us help you feel special every time you wear Vivix, day or night.