What makes being American Made so important to us? Well, that isn't a question with just one answer. There are a lot of things that have gone into, and continue to go into, our decision to make our clothing in America. 

To start: We like the idea that we are helping to keep jobs in America. For a better economy, people need to have jobs. And by keeping our manufacturing in the United States, we are able to create jobs that lead to a stronger economy and a stronger, and happier community. 

Second: In our opinion, the craftmanship of an American Made product is far superior than one that is imported. We hold onto the belief that an American flag tag hanging inside a garment showcases a higher standard. And we are proud to showcase the American flag on all of our cut and sew pieces. 

Third: With our manufacturing being done locally (Santa Ana, Chula Vista, Los Angeles and Vista), we are able to offer new products much faster than if we produced our clothing off shore. Because of that, we are able to bring out specialty items faster, and more frequently, than we might otherwise be able to. 

Fourth: Our sew houses are local to us. Because of that, we are able to be in each of these facilities multiple times a week, allowing us to make sure the garments are constructed to our standards. There are no shortcuts taken. And that lets us offer a higher quality Vivix 659 piece to our customers. We value the relationships we have with each of the contractors we partner with. Without them, we wouldn't be able to bring our ideas to market. 

Finally: Because we believe in the quality of the manufacturing of our clothing, we are able to offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee, and proudly stand behind every piece of Vivix 659 Brand clothing.