Hi - I’m Jessica, thank you for stopping by!

Now that you’re here, Let Us Introduce Ourselves. Like we mentioned in our email, we’re a family run company started by my brother Josh,  my sister Molly and myself. We would love to go into more detail about our beginnings with you - would you like to set time to talk?

What I would like to share with you now are the details of what our mannequin is wearing on our “storefront”: The Mason Plaid Over Jacket layered with the Vance short sleeve tee shirt, paired with the Stoneham elastic waist shorts. Read on for the specifics on each piece: 



Mason Plaid: This long sleeve button up has everything you could want in an over jacket! It’s made from high quality brushed plaid flannel that’s sewn right here in the United States. This button up has an engineered pattern that offers handsome creams and subtle beiges that run throughout, enhancing what might otherwise be just an ordinary outfit. Easy to dress up or down, the Mason is a classic Vivix 659 piece that will never disappoint! 


The Vance: Show your love for the game with the Vance tee shirt. This hand drawn rendition of a Par 4 hole gives this design life and movement to really showcase the passion of golf. Beautiful pine trees envelop the green, flag and fairway in perfect arrangement. Unfortunately, we know that we can’t be on the course all day, everyday – no matter how much we wish we could be! That’s the beauty of a Vivix 659 tee shirt. We’re a brand that truly allows you to Wear the Life You Love – on or off the course.




The Stoneham: Experience ultimate comfort with the American Made Stoneham elastic waist shorts. Made from a soft and durable French Terry loop, these relaxed, yet sophisticated, shorts provide luxury along with comfort. Whether you’re lounging or on-the-go, these shorts will keep you feeling comfortable and stylish all day long!

As you can see, we produce American Made sportswear along with unique hand drawn graphics on a variety of silhouettes, along with a select arrangement of womens and youth styles. From the office to the club; from your kids weekend sporting events to dinner; from the ocean to the golf course, we have you covered and always allow you to Wear The Life You Love. 

Thanks for stopping by!



March 12, 2024 — Jessica A