King's Game

So, October is here and hockey season started the other day. Yay!

To celebrate the start of the new season, we decided to head to Staple's Center and see what it was looking like.

 The fact that the tickets were free didn't hurt...

So we found ourselves up high on the third balcony with a good view of the ice, both nets, and the mayhem below us. Truth be told, I would have preferred being ice side to really be a part of the action, but as my counterpart pointed out to me, I would have lacked the view. He was right.

As we sat through the first two periods, we enjoyed a few small fights that were broken up at the start (bummer), and the one goal of the night for the Kings.

We decided to bail out at the start of the third and take a walk around the outside of the rink and check it all out.

Based on what I read the score to be this morning (4-1 Arizona), I guess we picked a good time to leave. No crowds and no traffic??? Sounds like a perfect end to an awesome night to me.




 Next time we'll head to a real hockey game: The Ducks.

October 10, 2015 — Vivix V. Vivix