So we already know about where Vivix got it's name. Our post last week covered the quick points. 

But now we ask the question: What does Vivix mean to us? 

For Vivix the family, there is much more to the brand than just a name, or that it's just a clothing company.

In fact, Vivix 659 is a family. 

As I sat down to write this post, I went to Google for the definition of family. The wide array of definitions made me laugh. 

None that I saw spoke of anything but the traditional nature that family is only a group of persons closely related by blood.

It made me realize that the definition of family at Vivix is much more broad than what the dictionary suggests.

Don’t get me wrong - we're believers in the normal definition of family. 

That said, we also subscribe to the family description that is less than traditional. 

It's true that Vivix was built on the idea of family and friends -insuring togetherness among relatives, related or not. Most of those who work at Vivix (in the warehouse, on the roads, in the office) are in fact all related, in that traditional sense. 

But we chose to look at our interns, our sew houses, and everyone else we see at work everyday, as another member of the family: the stores we work with that you can find Vivix in; the customers that buy and proudly wear Vivix 659 clothing; groms who rep Vivix on a day to day basis; our followers on social media; and anyone and everyone who believe in Vivix as much as those working on putting out fresh, unique and quality American made clothing are all members of the greater Vivix 659 family. 

So we want to welcome you to the Vivix family.

Welcome home. 

Until next time…

February 24, 2015 — Vivix V. Vivix