Gardening’s in our blood. Both sets of our grandparents were gardeners. Our dad’s dad grew avocado trees - and when his avocados ripened, he would make the best guacamole. Whereas our mom’s dad grew pumpkins, swiss chard, tomatoes (he made an amazing red relish), and even a mulberry tree. I loved that tree. I enjoyed the fruit, but I loved climbing it and harvesting his bounty more.
 So, when my mom said last Thanksgiving that she was fed up with not being able to find whole butternut squash fruit at the store and wanted to start a garden, we weren’t surprised. She could only find that pre-cut, pre-packaged butternut squash the last few holidays, and we found that pieces of the rind ended up in the cubes, which ended up in the finished product. Not good, especially when your Thanksgivings are noted to be exceptional. 
Thus, the gardening process began at the end of February: soil, starter pots and seeds were purchased. However, we didn’t stick with just butternut squash. We also included tomatoes, red peppers, radish, and threw in a few green onions for good measure.


If you know our story, you know we’re family run and our hand drawn artworks are inspired by our life experiences. You will see these particular gardening inspirations in our women’s designs like, Meadow  and Herand; but, they also show up in our men’s styles in designs like Rado, Cumberland and Coulter.
Soon, we will be transplanting our young plants into the raised beds that are made and ready to accept them. We will keep you posted on our progress.
Talk soon.
March 21, 2023 — Molly Ashworth